Pet Dental

Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning for Pets. We will go to you in our mobile dental clinic

Our process is safe, affordable and very hygienic


Deep dental cleaning is highly recommended to prevent periodontal disease. Keep your pets life expectancy as long as possible by taking care of their beautiful teeths


Small Pets

Pets with weights between 0-40lbs

Price: $230

Medium Pets

Pets with weights between 41-80lbs.

Price: $260

Large Pets

Pets with weights between 81 lbs and over.

Price: $290

This rates are all inclusive.

If you have 2 or more pets you will receive a 10% discount of total bill.

First ever Florida’s state of the art Anesthesia-Free Mobile Dental Clinic. We are above and beyond any provider in the area. We have proudly serve the community for over 6 years and know how to provide the best service possible.

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    ¿Has your pet received dental cleaning in the past?

    ¿Does you pet has any physical or health condition?

    ¿Is your pet aggressive , timid, or shy?

    ¿Are you able to provide clear pictures of your pets teeths? Like the image below? (png, jpg o pdf)